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At Bea's we aim to provide a service that is personal, serene and unique. This is why we use Elemental Herbology products in all of our facial and body treatments. Elemental Herbology is a natural, cruelty free skin and body care brand that strive to provide ultimate skin nutrition. Elemental Herbologys philosophy is based on the Five Element Theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine, a belief that everything in life needs to work in harmony in order to achieve perfect equilibrium. Their products relate to each of the five elements, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. They believe that a balance of all the elements is needed depending on your skin type, environmental factors, lifestyle and the seasons. Elemental Herbology use these elements in their skincare and aromatherapy range which we use in treatments and retail in store. We use this technique to determine what products will work best for your needs aesthetically and mentally, to give you the best results from your treatment. 

The Five Elements


Skincare - Balance

The Balance range will help even out oily areas and replenish moisture levels while also protecting skin against environmental factors. Natural ingredients such as Kakadu Plum, Sepitonic M3, Pearl Extract and Hysilk help control sebum production without drying out the skin.

The Wood Element is aligned to Spring, germination, growth and change. Skin in this element tends to be normal to combination.

Aromatherapy - Rejuvenation

Invigorate body and mind and nourish skin with the rejuvenating combination of essential oils to relieve aches and pains and clear your mind. 


Skincare - Oil Control

The Oil Control collection contains anti-bacterial botanicals including Tea Tree, Bisabolol and Aloe Vera to purify and soothe oil prone and congested skin for a clear complexion.

These lighter formulations are great to use during the summer months or when skin is more prone to break-outs. Oil Control is aligned to the Fire element as it is effective on skin that can be inflamed

Aromatherapy - Zest

Encourage a feeling of euphoria while nourishing skin with this zesty combination of energising oils to help you feel alert and active.


Skincare - Radiance and Vitality 

Designed to transform dull skin and boost natural radiance, this skincare collection is suitable for all skin types. Natural actives including Kombuchka, Green Tea and natural AHAs work together to reveal a brighter and healthier complexion.

The Radiance and Vitality collection is aligned to the Earth element which symbolises transformation and harmony.

Aromatherapy - Balance

Calm and centre the mind with this balancing combination of nourishing oils to reduce stress and restore equilibrium. 


Skincare - Age Support

The advanced natural Age Support collection is specially developed to provide the ultimate defence for your skin as it matures, helping to increase brightness and radiance, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, plump, hydrate and protect. The Age Support collection contains natural and nutritional ingredients such as LANABLUE, LIFTONIN and Hematite that target physiological signs of ageing to provide the ultimate support for mature skin.

Aligned to Autumn, a wonderful time to harvest and boost reserves. Age Support is for those who's skin is in need of extra nourishment. 

Aromatherapy - Detox

Purify and invigorate a slugish body and mind with oils that help eliminate toxins, stimulate lymphatic drainage and encourage circulation. 


Skincare - Moisture Replenish and Sensitive

The Moisture Replenish range will provide extra hydration and nourishment to dry and dehydrated complexions. Natural botanicals including Inca Inci, Argan Oil, Aquarich and collagen give deep down moisture that lasts all day. 

Aligned to Winter, a time to nurture, support, turn inward and be calm. Skin in this element tends to be dry and dehydrated. 

Aromatherapy - Soothe

Remove stress and tension with this calming oil that will promote a feeling of clarity and well-being and encourage a peaceful night's sleep. 

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